Scheduled Greater Golden Lake First Nation Community Meeting
Held Sunday Sept. 07, 2003 @ 1:00 P.M.
Petawawa Legion, Petawawa Ontario.


Council Members in attendance: Chief Patrick Glassford, Reid Godin and George Tennescoe.

Chair: Chief Patrick Glassford 

Opening prayer: George Tennescoe 

Acceptance of the Agenda: Motion by Ray Pappin and seconded by Randy Driscoll. 

Reading and approval of Minutes of June 22/03. 

Motion to accept the Minutes as read. Motion by Richard Turcotte and seconded by Dwight Laderoute. 

Hunting Update: 

1)      The mass mailout to members of Aug.11/03 regarding the hunt was read. 

2)      The moose draw and process of Aug.13/03 to be held at the Golden Sands was explained. 

3)      Note: A comment from the floor stated that PFR would not allow hunting this      year and the Chair said he would do a follow up on this concern.  

4)      Note: A comment from the floor stated that there was concern with locked gates  on roads leading to and from the hydro line in the Park 

5)      Note: A comment from the floor was concerned with the old railway right of way.  He uses it to get to his camp with an a.t.v.  However during the winter the right of way is used as an official snowmobile trail and he’s not allowed to use his a.t.v. on the trail, even though, in his opinion he’s not doing any damage to the trail. 

6)      I.D. Cards were explained.  The GGL cards are O.K. from last year. They can be used on snowmobile trails and can be used on the purchase of railway tickets. 

7)      The Chair will be meeting with Ken McWatters to discuss monitoring. 

8)      !5 calves is the limit inside the Park and 15 calves is the target outside the Park. 

9)      Bear can be hunted as of Sept. 01/03.

 Joint Community Hunt with the BAFN

 After much discussion on the joint hunt, the Chair explained the reason for this type of hunt. Essentially, traditionally it’s been a practice for members of AGGLFN and members of the now BAFN to hunt together as friends or family.

 Breaching of the roads in the Park was discussed and explained. At this point in time, the Provincial Parks Authority look after this and there’s little that we can do.  

Community Update:

 New Logo -
After some discussion it was agreed to extend the contest until the Nov./03 meeting and to beef up the prize from $100.00 to $100.00 plus 10% of all profits made in the next year.

 New Council Members

 Motion to accept Emmett Godin Jr. and Richard Turcotte as interim members on the GGLFN Committee.

Motion by Robert Godin

Seconded by Carl Turcotte

In favour- All

Against- None

Abstentions- None………………Carried. 

Elders meeting to determine who an Elder is. 


Negotiation Update:

The update was presented by George Tennescoe and was focused on a chronology from April 01/03 to the present.

Background: Co-operative Land Claim negotiations amongst all parties ground to a halt March 31/02.

In Sept./02, the ANTC put forward a proposal to re-establish the Algonquin Negotiations.  On Nov.29/02, by their letter of commitment, Pikwakanagan agreed to work co-operatively with the ANTC.  About the middle of Dec./02, Pikwakanagan then announced to the Nation that they, the ANTC, the Gov’t of Ontario and Canada had agreed to have an Independent Negotiator represent the Algonquins’ Land Claim.  Billy Diamond then came on board as that Independent Negotiator until March 31/03.

Current: Beginning April 01/03 both Governments agreed to a 6 month funding arrangement of $500,000.00 along with other terms and conditions.  For various reasons past and present, the first work plan and budget were not approved and as a result the Governments laid down their expectations concerning work and expenditures. Early in May/03 Billy Diamond presented his consulting contract for the term April 01- Sept.30/03.stating that if his services were too expensive or the terms unacceptable to let him know right away and he would gracefully bow out. On July 08/03 the ANTC signed his contract.  On July 28/03, Pikwakanagan formally cut their working relationship with Billy Diamond and on July 29/03 the ANTC followed suit. On Aug. 01/03 ONAS was advised by the chief negotiator for Ontario that the joint negotiation plan previously agreed to for funding no longer applied as no formal meetings had happened.  On Aug. 22/03 Billy Diamond requested immediate payment of his contract for the full amount April 01-September 30/03, of $250,000.00. Since Aug.01/03 Dr. Billy Diamonds position as Independent Negotiator for the Algonquins has been filled by Bob Potts, a senior partner in a law firm and who has extensive experience in the negotiation of land claims.

To summarize,

·        We have not received any negotiation funding for the 6 month period April 01-Sept. 30/03.

·        Dr. Billy Diamond was let go the end of July, after 4 months into a 6 month term.

·        Dr. Billy Diamond is requesting $250,00.00 immediate payment and we’ve not received any funding for that period of time.

·        Bob Potts is now filling the role as Independent Negotiator for the Algonquins.


The Chair then gave an update on the negotiators meeting held Friday Sept.05/03. 

·        Funding for April 01-Sept.30/03 is on hold and is a possibility.

·        The purpose of Fridays meeting was to present to the government negotiators a progress report. This being done, they will now take it to the next level for an assessment.

·        If the Land Claim Negotiations is allowed to continue, the Eligibility portion of the work plan is required to be completed by March 31/04 and Pikwakanagan and ANTC are expected to be in agreement.


When those present were made aware that their Chair had been doing Nation business for the past 5 months with no funding they quickly mobilized and did the following:

Motion to firstly, raise money to run an office by asking each household for a $25.00 donation and secondly, that the proceeds ($107.00) from to-days 50/50 draw be the first donation to the Chair.

Motion by Reid Godin

Seconded by Richard Turcotte

In Favour-All.

 50/50 Draw

There was $214.00 taken in by the draw.

Ray Proulx  won the 50/50 draw of $107.00 and immediately donated it to the Chair.

An additional $20.00 was received in donations to the Chair.

Total donations to the Chair $234.00.

Ray Pappin has a rifle for sale.

Next meeting to be held at the Petawawa Legion Hall Nov.23/03 at 2:00 p.m.

Chair and Council will meet at 1:00 p.m., same date, same place.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Attendance - 88 Members

Closing prayer: George Tennescoe.


Respectfully submitted,

George Tennescoe.


Turtle Island

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