Progress Report to January 12, 2005

 These numbers give an overview of our progress to date and the amount of interest being expressed in the election. 

Posted Lists

3,094 names on “Preliminary Electors” Posted List - December 21, 2004 
names on “Applications under Review” Posted List - December 21, 2004
5,180 Total potential electors as of December 21, 2004

Post Nov. 17, 2001 Verifications

All of these have been reviewed.
None have been refused.
169 are waiting for documentary proof.  The information needed is shown in the ancestry charts and recorded in the database, which indicates that the documentation was previously provided. However, the paper documents are not on the file. We need to see the paper documents in order to verify the enrolment. Letters have been sent out. 

 Current Statistics                   


Persons currently enrolled 
These enrolments are still subject to revision.  Persons could be removed if they are found problematic upon investigation of related applications.


Applications processed but awaiting further information


Persons refused 


Applications not yet processed.
These applications have been entered in Access database and most have genealogical information entered but have not yet been reviewed by genealogists to verify completeness or eligibility.


Total potential electors
This number is likely considerably higher than the final number of electors.  Some will undoubtedly not be able to supply the required information or at least not in a timely manner.


Current number of applications to be processed -1,525
Time to revisit applications upon receipt of new information – est. 275? (474 requests)
Estimate of new applications – 200?
Current rate of processing applications 95 per day
(Our current experience is that we are enrolling about 40% of applications processed; refusing 5%; while 55% require more information)

Estimate 21 days work to completion
Projected day of completion February 15, 2005

 At “completion date” applications would fall into three categories

1.     Enrolled (will be entitled to vote for ANR) I project about 800 new enrolments

2.     Refused (will not be on any list; will NOT be entitled to vote) I project about 100 refusals

3.     Pending additional information (will be on an “Under Review” list; will NOT be entitled to vote) I project about 1200 remaining under review awaiting more information. This number may be much higher if we get a lot of new applicants who have not had assistance documenting family trees.


 We have had about 65 requests (phone calls, e-mails, faxes) from individuals since the lists were posted.  Many of the requests involve multiple contacts. This does not include calls from community leaders or e-mails of a political nature. The number of requests per day has been steadily increasing since the first week in January. 

Other duties currently being undertaken

1.     Answering inquires regarding appearance on Posted List (e.g. am I on either list?)

2.     Receiving information regarding changes of address, community affiliation, requests to be removed from list, requests for application forms, general information about applying or process. Follow-up on these communications including sending out material requested and updating database accordingly.

3.     Communicating with applicants to ask for further information.

4.     Participating in discussions, e-mails regarding requests for new communities, planning for election, general inquiries, etc. 

The staffing on this project is as follows:

Tara and Joan – answering inquiries, general correspondence, process and procedure issues, supervising and final decisions on enrolment/refusal, progress reports

Allan, Vanessa and Penny –genealogists verifying family lineage and criteria

Sarah, Judith, Katrina/Amy – Access database update, TMG update, file support for genealogists, routine communications, correspondence files, mailing.

Joan Holmes
Enrolment Officer
January 13, 2005

Turtle Island

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