August 9, 2002



 Killaloe  - The Algonquin Nation Tribal Council (ANTC) announced today that they have recently signed the “Protocol Between the Algonquins and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources”. 

 “The Protocol is a major breakthrough in the negotiation of the Algonquin Land Claim Treaty,” said Chief Doreen Davis, spokesperson for the Algonquin Nation Tribal Council.  The Algonquin Nation Tribal Council politically represents close to 4,000 Algonquin persons including both non-status Indians that have Section 35 Constitutional Aboriginal rights in the Ontario portion of the Ottawa Valley and status Indians living off reserve.

“The Protocol outlines a cooperative process between the Algonquins and the Ministry of Natural Resources to be used during the course of the treaty negotiations for proposed dispositions, re-designations or regulation of crown land within the land claim area”, said Chief Davis.  She went on to say, “This process also includes the review by the Algonquins, of proposed Ontario Living Legacy (OLL) sites, identification of its concerns and the establishment of a mechanism to resolve those concerns.”

The protocol establishes a consistent procedure to be employed to notify the Algonquins of any proposed disposition of crown land in the territory, address any concerns resulting from the proposed dispositions and it provides an opportunity for the MNR and the Algonquins to resolve any issues arising.

This protocol establishes a process for protecting the natural resources on those lands that may be identified by the Ontario and Algonquin Negotiators as having specific interest to the Algonquins during the treaty negotiations.  “This Protocol is a major breakthrough in our Nations centuries old struggle for justice” said Chief Negotiator, Greg Sarazin, “We now have a formal mechanism in place to protect those lands that will be returned to the Algonquin Nation as a part of a treaty settlement.  We have never had that before.”

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Chief Doreen Davis
Algonquin Nation Tribal Council

P.O. Box 2, 1 John Street
Killaloe, Ontario K0J-2A0


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