Unofficial results of the September 17, 2005 Moose Draw



First Nation

Badour, Earl 51 Bull Sharbot Lake
Baker, Wayne E. 51 Bull Greater Golden Lake
Bastien, Linda 51 Bull Mattawa/North Bay
Bastien, Ray 51 Bull Mattawa/North Bay
Belaire, Reginald 51 Cow Bonnechere
Bell, Harold 51 Cow Mattawa/North Bay
Bertram, William 62 Cow Sharbot Lake
Blackmore, Peter D. 51 Cow Greater Golden Lake
Blanchette, Troy 51 Bull Mattawa/North Bay
Boissonneault, Barry 48 Cow Mattawa/North Bay
Brumm, Richard 58 Bull Bonnechere
Brunette, Robert A. 51 Bull Greater Golden Lake
Burk, Alex 51 Cow Bonnechere
Chaput, Gerald 51 Cow Greater Golden Lake
Chartrand, Edward 55A Cow Greater Golden Lake
Cleroux, Robert 63 Bull Sharbot Lake
Clouthier, Anthony 51 Bull Mattawa/North Bay
Clouthier, Bruce R. 51 Bull Greater Golden Lake
Clouthier, Rodney 51 Bull Mattawa/North Bay
Davis, Doreen 65 Cow Sharbot Lake
Davis, John 63 Cow Sharbot Lake
Decaire, Brent A. 51 Bull Greater Golden Lake
Degeer, Robert 51 Bull Mattawa/North Bay
Driscoll, Kevin G. 51 Bull Greater Golden Lake
Dupuis, Ron 51 Cow Mattawa/North Bay
Eady, Gary 51 Cow Ardoch
Good, Terry 61 Bull Sharbot Lake
Griffith, George W. 55B Bull Greater Golden Lake
Hickey, John 51 Bull Sharbot Lake
Hogue, Ryan C. 51 Cow Greater Golden Lake
Hynes, Pamela A. 51 Cow Greater Golden Lake
Janveaux, Claudine 51 Cow Mattawa/North Bay
Jeffrey, John 58 Cow Bonnechere
Jones, Paul 51 Cow Bonnechere
Knapp, Joseph 63 Bull Sharbot Lake
Laderoute, Dwight P. 51 Bull Greater Golden Lake
Laframboise, Lawrence 51 Cow Mattawa/North Bay
Lamothe, Shelley 51 Cow Mattawa/North Bay
Lance, Giles 51 Bull Bonnechere
Lepage, Treena-Marie 51 Bull Mattawa/North Bay
McKay, Catherine M. 48 Bull Greater Golden Lake
Minnie, Earl Allen 57 Bull Greater Golden Lake
Pappin, Raymond P. 51 Bull Greater Golden Lake
Paquette, Dwight J. 51 Cow Greater Golden Lake
Paquette, Mike 51 Bull Bonnechere
Phinney, Randy 55B Cow Greater Golden Lake
Quinn, Shawn G. 51 Cow Greater Golden Lake
Reeves, Jeff 63 Cow Sharbot Lake
Reynolds, Tommy 51 Bull Antoine
Richmond, James 65 Bull Sharbot Lake
Servais, Don 51 Cow Bonnechere
Tennant, Mike 51 Bull Bonnechere
Toppins, David 51 Cow Sharbot Lake
Traversey, Clayton G. 48 Cow Greater Golden Lake
Turcotte, Aaron 51 Cow Bonnechere
Turcotte, Harry 51 Cow Bonnechere

The AGGLFN Community tag (WMU 51- Bull) will be
harvested by our eldest hunter, Victor Brunette, 89.

From left to right, Lloyd Vincent, Ernie Bowers, Irvin Eno, Ed Turcotte,
Victor Brunette & Chief Patrick Glassford. Elders Meeting Oct. 5, 2005.

2005-2006 Moose Harvest

Nation Draw


It's that time of year again when everyone starts to plan for the hunt.  We continue to work with the M.N.R. towards a hunting agreement for the 2005-2006 season.  We are in the final stages of an agreement and everything should be finalized shortly.

Because of the success with previous  hunts, we will once again be doing a draw system for both inside and outside of the park for moose.
The deer harvest will remain the same as last year.  

As last year you will need to have four names on the moose application, with the first name being the contact person.  The contact person will receive the tag and will be responsible for returning the harvest information after the hunt.  If anyone is unable to hunt with a party they can still receive a calf tag.  Any group who is lucky to draw an adult tag this year, will not be able to apply for an adult next year, but will be able to apply the following year.  You would still be eligible for a calf tag next year. 

Remember that any Algonquin that won adult tags last
year are not permitted to apply for the draw this year.
Please check that no one on your application was
successful with last years draw for an adult moose.

  Please Note: - It is important that the application be returned by the due date of Sept 2nd, 2005, to be eligible for this years adult moose draw. 

          Official Dates of Hunt:

                  Moose:       Oct. 11th, 2005 to Jan. 15th, 2006 inside the Park
                  Deer:          Oct. 11th, 2005 to Jan. 15th, 2006 inside the Park
                  Moose:       Oct 11th, 2005 to Jan. 15th, 2006 outside the Park
                  Deer:          Sept. 1st, 2005 to Jan. 15th, 2006 outside the Park 

  Application Instructions:

       1)      Option 1 is applicant’s first choice and Option 2 will be applicant’s second choice;
              note that Option 2 will only be used if no one applies for that particular WMU. 
Last year several "Second Choice" were filled, so it is important to put down a
              second option.              (Please see map below for WMU selections)

2)      All applicants must be 16 years of age or older, or have completed safety training.

3)      Only one adult tag per household.

4)      Moose tags will be drawn: Bull, then Cow for both inside the park and outside the park.

5)      Anyone not receiving an adult moose tag can receive a calf tag.

6)      Only those who apply and return this application by the due date will be allowed to participate in this years adult moose hunt. Please remember - anyone that received an adult tag last year, cannot apply this year for an adult tag.

7)      All applications must be received no later than 5:00 PM Friday September 2nd, 2005.

8)    Draw to take place on Saturday Sept. 17th, 2005 at 12 noon at Quinn's Tavern located at 3 Lake Street in Killaloe.  



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