Confused Community
Letter to the Editor  - The Eganville Leader - April 17, 2002

Dear Sir:

This letter is being written to address some of the issues that the chief raised in her story in the Leader. on April 3, 2002, entitled "Chief wants land claim negotiations to continue."

In her story, she says, "We have been listening. We have been listening to our band members."

We have a question for our chief. How can she be listening to the band members?

We rarely have any community meetings to find out what is happening. A lot of things have happened over the winter and there have been no meetings to update the community. There are a lot of questions in the community and many people have different understandings of what is happening.

The community is very confused.

The chief came to the community elders last fall and asked for direction on what should be done on a certain issue. The elders did give the chief very clear direction on what should be done about the issue.

It is our opinion that the chief and council did the exact opposite of what the elders directed her to do.

Jacqueline Sarazin
Stanley Sarazin
Helena Gaudry
Claire Lavalley
Joyce Levesque
Dorothy Commanda
Concerned Elders\Band Members

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