March 27, 2002 Negotiation Update
Report by - Greg Sarazin - Chief Negotiator

In attendance from Algonquin Nation; ANTC- Chief Negotiator Greg Sarazin, Doreen Davis, Verna Greavette. Pikwakanagan- Lisa Ozawanimke, Dale Benoit, Katherine Cannon, Kirby Whiteduck, Dan Kohoko, WHIMASAB- Bob Lavalley, Jane Ann Chartrand. Ontario- Chief Negotiator Brian Crane and Canada- Chief Negotiator Yves Assiniwi were there with their teams.

Lisa updated the table that they have been lobbying senior provincial and federal departments and officials to convince them that Pikwakanagan Chief and Council should lead the negotiations on behalf of status band members only. Lisa reported that she has been meeting with Katherine Cannon of the Bancroft Committee and Dale Benoit of the Anishinabe of the Kitchi-Sibi South Committee since Pikwakanagan left ANND in November and that they are in full agreement with Pikwakanagan.

Katherine and Dale have agreed to be advisors only to the Chief and Council rather than representatives.

Dale reported that she had a community meeting this past Sunday and her community agreed that Pikwakanagan could do the beneficiary criteria on their behalf.

Greg Sarazin reported that ANND was still in existence and open for business. The Algonquin political leaders have signed a political ACCORD to work together as the Algonquin Nation Tribal Council (ANTC). Bob Lavalley reported that WHIMASAB had worked out an MOU with the ANTC to work together.

Canada reported that they have not made a recommendation on whether or not to continue the negotiations. Negotiations have been on hold since Pikwakanagan requested that in November. Canada confirmed that they would only continue to negotiate if the Algonquins were to speak with one voice in the negotiations representing all status and non-status and that they were not going to provide negotiation funding to ANND or Pikwakanagan at this time. When ANND and Pikwakanagan reached an agreement on who would speak on behalf of the Nation as a whole and on who should administer the funding, then funding would flow and the negotiations would continue.

Ontario agreed with Canada on this.

Bob Lavalley and Doreen Davis invited Lisa to set a date to talk about the issues and to develop a working relationship. Lisa said that she could not speak for her council and she would have to see what they had to say. Lisa will call Bob and Doreen next week after she talks to her council.

Canada and Ontario negotiators would not set a date for the next meeting. They said that the Algonquins should talk and if there is any evolution in the relationship between Pikwakanagan and ANND, then we should call them too set a meeting.

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