Information Bulletin #1


Motor Boat Regulations for Algonquin Park

Motor Boats are not permitted on most lakes in Algonquin Park. There are, however, four groups of exception: 

A)   Motors of unlimited horsepower may be used on Galeairy and Opeongo Lakes. 

B)  Motors of 20 horsepower or less may be used on the following lakes Bonita,          Cache, Canoe, Cedar, Kingscote, Kioshokwi, Little Cauchon, Rock, Smoke, Source,
      Tanamakon, Tea, Two Rivers and Whitefish. 

C) Motors of 10 horsepower or less may be used on the following lakes Cauchon,
     Cauliflower, Grand, Joe, Little Joe, Madawaska, Manitou, North Radiant, Rain,
     Tepee and Travers. 

D) Motors of 6 horsepower or less may be used, except from the last Friday in June      to the first Monday in September inclusive, on the following lakes Big Crow,         Hogan, La Muir, Proulx (and the river to), Little Crow and White Partridge.

Algonquin Law clearly states that all Algonquins must
adhere to these Motor Boat Regulations.

 Please respect these regulations,  

Chief Patrick Glassford
On behalf of the Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation


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