HARVEST UPDATE - 2003/2004

 The Algonquin Nation Tribal Council is pleased to announce that the moose hunt under our new tagging system went over very well in our first year of implementation.  The A.N.T.C. harvest management plan applied to both inside and outside of Algonquin Park.  As part of our harvest management plan we had monitors in place to oversee our harvest inside Algonquin Park. Very few incidents were reported during our moose hunt.

 Inside Algonquin Park the moose calf harvest has been closed since October 26, 2003 at which time we had reached our harvest limit for calves.  Most, but not all adult moose tags inside Algonquin Part have been filled at this time. 

 Outside Algonquin Park the moose calf harvest is still open, but remember you must have an A.N.T.C. calf tag to hunt calves under the A.N.T.C. harvest management plan. Some adult tags in certain W.M.U.ís outside Algonquin Park, are also not yet filled. 

 If you are a hunter with an A.N.T.C. moose tag that has not yet been filled, good luck to you and please remember that all moose must be tagged before they are transported and are to be reported to your regional offices as soon as possible afterward.

 The deer hunt will continue inside and outside of Algonquin Park until January 15, 2004 and as with moose harvests, all deer harvests are to be reported to your regional office.

 If you have not already done so, please report all moose & deer harvests to the office now. 


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