PikwÓkanagÓn moose harvest below target numbers
Eganville Leader ľ March 15, 2006

 Golden Lake -- The Algonquins of PikwÓkanagÓn First Nation Harvest Department reports another successful harvest year.  As last year, the target numbers of allocated moose available to maintain sustainable limits was not reached during the fall/winter moose harvest.

Functioning in co-operation with the Ministry of Natural Resources, and Algonquin Park Wardens, the PikwÓkanagÓn Harvest Department distributed a total of 53 adult moose tags for a total of 101 group applications of six members each.  The 53 allocated tags were for the harvest of adult moose inside and outside Algonquin Park.

A total of 42 moose were harvested during the three month harvest season for 2005/2006.  No moose were harvested outside of the park. Inside the park 18 cows, 17 bulls, and seven calves were harvested.  These numbers are well within the sustainable limits for moose.  The harvest numbers for deer were low as well.  Only 30 deer of the target number of 175 were harvested by PikwÓkanagÓn members.  The harvest numbers are relatively low numbers when compared to the provincial hunt which allocated a total of 13,679 Moose Gun Tags available for the 2005 season.

The success of the PikwÓkanagÓn harvest is due to the co-operation of community members with the PikwÓkanagÓn Conservation Officer, Dale Benoit-Zohr, and the assigned field monitors.  The Field Monitors for this harvest were Marge Commanda, Valerie Smith, Melissa Pessendawatch, Joyce Levesque and Lois Lavalley.  Elaine Whiteduck provided the department with professional administrative assistance and home base radio communications throughout the harvest season.

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