Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake

 Community Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2002


The community meeting of the Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake was called to order at
1:00 PM on Dec 08, 2002 in Petawawa, Ontario.

 Absent.  Secretary - Lynn Gehl

 Opening Prayer - Patrick Glassford

Community Update - from the Chair – Patrick Glassford.

n  - Overview and brief discussion of proposed negotiator Billy Diamond

n  - Overview of the proposed negotiation talks - negotiations funding open discussion in regards to a 50-50 split between Pikwākanagān and ANTC initially for the end quarter.

n  - Overview of population numbers - status represented by AGGL and the effect of split families due to status/non-status, on reserve - off reserve and blood quantum vs. descent.


200212003 Harvest - Ray Pappin

n  - Overview of the moose hunt with associated problems of animal seizures.

n  - Petawawa Forest - access through Jan 15 - to be re-affirmed.

n  - proposals were made to have a better TAG and monitoring system with less or zero MNR control.

n  - discussion on availability and harvesting of wild turkeys with harvesting parameters for next meeting.

n  - queries on mixed hunting groups aboriginal and sports hunters and bow/rifle.

n  - Ray Pappin to investigate and advise.


 Elders - Skip Ross.

 n   - overview of elders program to be initiated involving teachings.

n   - proposed group of elders 65+ to establish elder requirements. - assembly OK.

n   - first meeting to be at Pikwakanagan Medical Centre.

n   - Pikwakanagan Med Centre for all Algonquins both status and non-status.

n   - need for more ceremony and tradition in meetings and happenings.


New Business.


n    - tickets were raffled for prizes of Moose (MNR) CD's, a book, and a gourd collecting $62.00

n     $20.00 was put in the Ladies Auxiliary coffee can and the remaining $42.00 was retained by the chair to purchase an extra large binder.

n    a Human Rights handout was distributed by the chair for reading and discussion at the next meeting.

n    The next general meeting will be at 1:00 PM on Feb. 9, 2003, in Petawawa, Ontario.



Meeting was adjourned at 3:45

Motion made at Feb 9, 2003 meeting to these accept minutes. 

Motion by-            Tom Godin

Seconded by-       Randy Driscoll


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