2003 Class EA - Declaration Order Condition 34

 Negotiations with Aboriginal People


During the term of this approval, MNR District Managers shall conduct negotiations at the local level with Aboriginal peoples whose communities are situated in a management unit, in order to identify and implement ways of achieving a more equal participation by Aboriginal peoples in the benefits provided through forest management planning.  These negotiations will include but are not limited to the following matters: 

(a)      providing job opportunities and income associated with forest and mill operations in the vicinity of aboriginal communities; 

(b)      supplying wood to wood processing facilities such as sawmills in Aboriginal communities; 

(c)      facilitation of Aboriginal third-party licence negotiations with existing licencees where opportunities exist; 

(d)      providing forest resource licences to Aboriginal people where unallocated Crown timber exists close to reserves; 

(e)      development of programs to provide jobs, training and income for Aboriginal people in forest management operations through joint projects with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada; and 

(i)       other forest resources that may be affected by forest management or which can be addressed in the forest management planning process. 

MNR shall report on the progress of these on-going negotiations district-by-district in the Provincial Annual Report in Forest Management that will be submitted to the Legislature.

Turtle Island

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