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 "TITLE" :             Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation


  "PURPOSE " :        To represent and consult the Algonquin/Nipissing people within our jurisdiction and whose representation forms are held by this committee, pertaining to aboriginal rights and the Land Claim process in its entirety.



-To consult and receive direction from the identified Algonquin/Nipissing People within the region of Greater Golden Lake on all issues pertaining to the Algonquin Land Claim , with the focus toward an Agreement in Principle with Canada and Ontario. 

-To hereby approve, empower and support the Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation Counsel.

A} to serve as the political government body,

B} to perform all duties of the political government body { includes enacting and passing ALL LAWS and BYLAWS pertaining to the Algonquin Negotiation Process,

C} to enter into holding agreements for specific lands located in our land claim Territory,

D} to put forth our collective positions as one recognized community within our land claim base,

E} to always keep in mind that our Elders link us to the past and our Children to the future,

F) to realize that the family unit is the basic unit of our nation and is entitled to protection by the nation,

G) to strive for equality for all Algonquins in all aspects.


 "JURISDICTION " :      The Traditional Territory.


"COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES" :    The affaires of the Council  shall be managed by elected representative’s hereafter referred to as the Councilors.                             

Constituted from the membership of the jurisdicted community and consisting of 5 and not more than 8. These Councilors shall be fully informed of the Councils ongoing process and community needs.


"TERMS OF OFFICE " :    Each elected Councilors term shall be 3 years in compliance with Article 5 of these Bylaws. The office of a Councilor shall be automatically vacated;           

              A} if he/she dies.                         

              B} if he/she becomes of unsound mind.                      

              C} if at a meeting a motion that he/she be removed from office is passed by majority                       of those present.                                  


 "INTERIM VACANCIES" :    Any interim vacancies on the committee may be filled for the unexpired term by a member of the jurisdictional community who is represented by the Council as recommended and confirmed by the Councilor.

 ARTICLE 5.3  

“ATTENDANCE” :    Any Councilor who absents themselves from 3 consecutive meetings of the Council shall be deemed to have resigned from the Council and the Councilor shall be free to fill the vacancy pursuant to the provisions of Article 4.2., except that the Councilor may excuse such absences if in the opinion of the Councilor such absence is justified for reasons personal or other. Councilors should notify the Chief prior to their absence.


ARTICLE 5.5.1 

“MEETINGS “:    The Council shall meet whenever necessary at the call of the Chief or the Chiefs appointee. Council meetings shall be closed. Visitors may attend upon invitation only by the Chief. The Council may hold meetings at such place or places as it may from time to time.

 ARTICLE 5.5.2

 "QUORUM " :    Any meeting of the Council where 3 Councilors including the Chief are present, quorum is realized.

 ARTICLE 5.5.3

 "MOTIONS AND VETO" :   Where a motion has been put forward to a vote – no one may exercise veto power --and the motion shall pass or die with a majority vote.


 "COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITIES" :    The Council shall work together as a unified body under the direction of the Chief with respect to the objectives of the Council within the framework of the Constitution:                    

A} Represent those Algonquin/Nipissing people inside or out of the jurisdictional area       that  have completed representation forms held by this Council                     

         B} Equally share any workload relating to Councilor objectives                        

         C} Produce an accurate budget annually or as required                      

         D} Ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times                  


"ELECTIONS":     Elections are held in accordance with ANTC ELECTION rules.


"DUTIES" :      

 “CHIEF “:

A} Be accountable to the jurisdictional community for any and all actions of the

B} Preside personally or through a designate at all Council/Community or any
      other meetings deemed necessary.                                                                      

C} Sign all documents requiring the official signature of the Council.            

D} Take initiative in bringing suggestions for any phase of the process to the 
Council for the purpose of changing present policy or developing new policy

E} Sit as the Nation Representative at the Algonquin Leadership Table


 A} In the absence of the Chief perform the duties of the Chief.               

B} Assume other responsibilities in accordance with assignments made to
     them by the Council.

C} Take written minutes of any Committee meeting and have copies of 
those minutes available at the next meeting.

D} Report to the Chair the names of the Committee Reps who have missed 
      3 consecutive meetings.

 “TREASURER “:   A} Be responsible for keeping financial records pertaining to the

                                  B} To provide current records on request from the Chair.                   

                                  C} To provide an annual Financial Statement if requested.


 "AMENDMENTS" :    The Constitution may be repealed, added to, or amended at any meeting of the Council or at a special meeting called for that purpose. 


 "MISCELLANEOUS " :    All members of the Council and each of their heirs, executors or Administrators shall be indemnified and saved harmless from and against all actions, costs, charges, damages and expenses which they or any of the heirs, executors or administrator shall or may incur or sustain by or by reason of the performance of their duty or supposed duty in their respective offices except such [ if any ] as they shall incur or sustain by or through their own willful neglect, defaults, or acts of bad faith.


 “RULES OF PROCEDURE” : All meetings of the Council shall be conducted in accordance with Parliamentary Procedures as outlined by “ Robert’s Rules of Order “. ß-end


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