Information Meeting
Bancroft, Sword Motor Inn
April 28, 2004 
@ 7:25 p.m. - 9:20 p.m.

Panel - Richard Zohr, Dave Joanisse, Patrick Glassford, Doreen Davis, Gilbert Lebreche, Randy Malcolm, Bob Potts, Jim Meness, Ron L. Bernard, Dan Kohoko, Sherry Kohoko, Kirby Whiteduck,
Bob Potts - Chair.

Bob Potts opened the meeting and provided a self-introduction.  Then the table introduced themselves.

 Bob Potts gave a brief background of the process to date. 

 “I was retained by the parties last August and this led to the signing of the Protocol Agreement between the parties.  We are trying to establish consultation with people on beneficiary criteria to identify a group of people to get approval for a negotiation table.   

We are trying to establish a table to negotiate the claim on behalf of the Algonquins.  Then we need to determine who will be the beneficiaries.   

After the protocol was achieved, I asked ANTC/ANND and the Algonquins of Pikwākanagān to provide me their position papers on beneficiary.  Asking for feed back and positive assistance on these two position papers. “  

Bob Potts gave dates for other information meetings being held in areas and provide his toll free number. 

The floor was opened for questions and discussion. 

There had been concern that people did not receive both newsletters from the Algonquins of Pikwākanagān and ANND.  Comments had been made that it will be at least another 20 years to resolve this and then we probably aren’t going to have a treaty. 

It had been stated that this table is being funded for this process and that Algonquins of Pikwākanagān got 50% of funding.  And that the Algonquins of Pikwākanagān had sent out their newsletter to all registered band members on and off reserve.  Pikwakanagan also had ANTC/ANND criteria attached in their newsletter. 

Concern of spousal and children inclusion for hunting.  Also someone had suggested that everybody should work together on the same rules. 

We are trying to work together to speak with one voice.  This is the last attempt to resolve this claim in this generation.  

There had been concern that a lot of people did not understand the material that had been sent out.  There was suggestion made to maybe send out  a summary of this, something that sketches out the two positions so that everyone could understand.  There had been concern to know what rights they have.  

This table is making every effort to reach everyone in the territory and is committed to finding a solution for this. 

Chief Kirby Whiteduck and Chief Doreen Davis stated to everyone that if anyone needed to talk about the beneficiary criteria, don’t hesitate to call. 

Someone had questioned the legitimacy of ANTC/ANND.  Also concerns of paternity, it makes a negative assumption; it assumed that unknown paternity means white. 

There had been mention of schedule “A” and “B” that the door should be open to additions to these.   Isn’t schedule “A” and “B” based on historical records? 

The objective is to ensure the rights and the benefits are given to Algonquin people.   

Lots of concerns in respect to the draft of the Algonquins of Pikwākanagān Beneficiary Criteria for Comprehensive Land Claim Settlement to the Ottawa Valley (ON) and Draft Citizenship Law of the Algonquin Nation Tribal Council.  One defines beneficiary to the claim and one defines citizenship to the claim. 

The Algonquins of Pikwākanagān version is a draft and has not gone through any formal recognition by Council or the Community.   

Concerns of the blood quantum 1/8. 

There is an issue of who is Algonquin or trying to put some definition as to who is Algonquin.  Canada is a nation but what race are they?  There has to be some kind of medium somewhere.  Before Europeans came there was an identified Nation and culture.  Marriage and habitat is being forced to be change by Canadian Law.  Traditional culture is being undermined.  The purpose for the criteria is to focus on eligibility criteria for land claim negotiations.  

There are two steps to this process.

1)      Who will be the people to create a table for negotiations to negotiate a settlement? 

2)      And do you go to the extent - who would benefit from the settlement? 

Comments made that the Algonquins of Pikwākanagān Chief and Council only listen to what they want to hear.  We want to know if you are actually going to do something?   

The Algonquins of Pikwākanagān did take the first move to include non-status and we do want rights recognized.  The relationship fell apart because people did not agree.  Enrollment was never identified to create beneficiaries.  But this is the goal of this table to see who will be beneficiaries.   

There had been question if Katherine Cannon received the mail-out.   

Bob Potts had stated that yes this information was sent to Katherine Cannon and Bob Lavalley. 

Suggestion made to have a dialog for all people outside of the region. 

There is a commitment from Algonquin Nation Tribal Council.   

Concern for some people that did not receive the mail out.  If people move please forward someone your new mail address so that we can update the mailing list and then there should be no reason of why someone did not receive the mail out.   

There were concerns of how this body will be elected, will they be elected the same as the Algonquins of Pikwākanagān. 

Chief Kirby Whiteduck for the Algonquins of Pikwākanagān stated that he has been involved in the process for a long time.  And that Algonquins of Pikwākanagān are committed to looking at all the options expressed here today. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m. 

Attendance - 26

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