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The Algonquin Accord

March 6, 2002

Whereas, the Algonquin Nation has been formally seeking justice in relation to our Algonquin Aboriginal Rights and Title since at least 1772, and

Whereas, the current negotiations to resolve those issues have been ongoing since 1991 with Ontario and since 1992 with Ontario and Canada, and

Whereas, the Algonquin Nation Negotiations Directorate (ANND) has created by that portion of the Algonquin Nation represented by Pikwakanagan First Nation and by the Bancroft, Antoine, Ardoch, Sharbot Lake, Mattawa, Ottawa and Greater Golden Lake Nation Representatives, and

Whereas, the Chief and Council of Pikwakanagan, on or about May 2001, formally transferred
the negotiations process over to ANND, and

Whereas, the purpose of ANND is "to secure an acceptable Treaty Settlement in a manner which represents the interest of the Algonquin Nation of Ontario and our future generations while promoting fairness, accountability and unity within the Algonquin Nation", and

Whereas, the undersigned Nation Representatives are committed to preserving the negotiation process towards achieving an acceptable Treaty Settlement and wish to take all of the necessary steps to preserve the negotiations, and

Whereas, the undersigned Nation Representatives have been mandated by the Algonquin's that they represent to develop political or other structures necessary to preserve the negotiations, and

Whereas, this Accord is consistent with the recommendations of the Algonquin Government Task Force Report of June 19, 1998.

Therefore be it resolved that by affixing their signatures hereto, the undersigned hereby strike this political ACCORD to create and to work together as the Algonquin Nation Tribal Council (ANTC) whose purpose is to:

  1. work together to resolve the current split or splits in the Algonquin Nation and thereby preserve the negotiations, and

  2. continue to politically represent the Algonquin people of the regions, and

  3. restructure ANND by downsizing it and make it the administrative arm of the ANTC, and

  4. direct the activities of ANND and to direct the negotiations toward a treaty on behalf of those Algonquins represented by ANTC in a manner which represents their best interests.

Be it further resolved, that the ANTC shall discuss these intents and actions with other Algonquins and Algonquin representative structures, and

Be it further resolved, that the ANTC take those discussions seriously in undertaking such actions, and

Be it further resolved, that the ANTC shall supersede this accord with another accord or accords as may be necessary to achieve a cooperative working relationship with other Algonquins or Algonquin representative structures. and

Be it further resolved, that the ANTC develop Algonquin identification criteria agreeable to all Algonquins, and

Be it further resolved, that the ANTC shall clearly define the constituencies of the regions, and

Be it finally resolved, that the ANTC seek renewed political mandates from each of the regions as soon as practically possible under the new structure.

Signed on this 6th day of March 2002.

Randy Malcolm
Patrick Glassford
Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake
Richard Labreche
Verna Greavette
Out of Territory Algonquins (OTA)
Doreen Davis
Sharbot Lake
Richard Zohr
Bonnechere Algonquin Community
Dave Joanisse
Antoine - (Signed March 26, 2002)

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