Membership Protocol

between the

Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation - (AGGLFN)

and the

Bonnechere Algonquin First Nation – (BAFN)


A protocol must be established regarding membership that would address dual membership,
representation and attendance of meetings.

Therefore be it resolved that,

·        No Algonquin may be compelled to be represented by any organization.

·        Representation is a personal choice made by Algonquins.

·        No Algonquin may be dually represented.

·        No Algonquin may be harassed in any manner regarding their representation within the nation,
or lack of representation.

·        All members of the AGGLFN and the BAFN must meet the eligibility requirements of the ANTC.

·        No member of the AGGLFN or the BAFN may possess a “Red Line Card” issued by the
former BAC-BMA in Petawawa.

·        AGGLFN and the BAFN shall cross-reference its membership at regular meetings to address
dual representation concerns.

·        The most recently dated representation form shall supersede any other form held by any other entity.

·        Either party that disputes the representation of any Algonquin shall use a form letter devised and fully
approved by both parties.

·        All information in relation to the protocol will be dealt with in a confidential manner and without prejudice.

·        Negotiations are conducted with mutual respect for each group and dedicated to reaching
positive resolutions in a membership protocol.

·        This protocol is implemented within the month of April, 2004.

·        All further protocol items will be forwarded to the respective Chief, thirty days prior to any protocol negotiations meeting.

·        Any member of the AGGLFN or the BAFN may attend any meeting of AGGLFN or BAFN.

·        All Elders are welcome to attend any Elders meeting of the AGGLFN or the BAFN.

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